Weekend Preview: Cubs vs. Reds

First Trip to Wrigley:

At the beginning of the week the Cubs and Reds had the same exact records and were the cellar dwellers of the NL Central. Now after one series it appears that the two teams are going in opposite directions. The Cubs sit at 4-10 on the season and the Reds are 6-9. The Reds go into this series hoping they can get to the .500 mark, the only way to do this is by sweeping the Chicago Cubs. This is really do able and I believe it could very well happen. With the consistent pitching the Reds will have a chance in every game. Recently with this new surge in the offense led by Votto, there isn’t much stopping them. Below will be the starting pitching match ups along with a list of players to watch this weekend. Well here’s hoping for a five game win streak, Go Reds!

Pitching Match ups:

Simon vs. Samardzija

Cingrani vs. Jackson

Bailey vs. Villanueva

Players to watch:


Junior Lake

Anthony Rizzo






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Joey Votto MLB Network Interview

Here is an interview from MLB Network. Joey Votto talks about his struggles after his father passed away and the problems and emotional distress he faced in 2009. Votto tells MLB Network about the months and years following this terrible time in his life.



It now appears Votto has gotten over these demons and has to decided to make a difference, as you may know he created the Joey Votto Foundation. He also has started doing interviews with the local radio stations and another hilarious interview with MLB Network. Votto has broken out of his shell and he has started out this year on fire! I’m predicting an MVP season for Joey! Go Reds!

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They Found a Two Hole Hitter

Joey Votto is on a tear right now, today he hit his fourth homerun of the year and is leading the offense to where it needs to be! Votto got moved to the two hole Saturday and here are some stats, these do not include todays game:

This is the effect of Votto moving up to the two hole. Every time I have watched them play it seems that the two hole gives Votto a chance to actually produce especially when Hamilton is on base. Votto batting second gives the offense a whole new look and as you know its working! Not only has Votto hada great few days, but Brandon Phillips as also improved. Well the switch has worked so far how much longer do you think it will work? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to check out the rest of the site. Go Reds!


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The Biggest Surprise Player So Far

Devin Mesoraco

Mez is, by far, our biggest surprise so far. We’ve seen the usual outstanding defense from Mesoraco behind the plate, and the offense, that’s been the change of pace. We’ve always known that he could hit the ball hard, but the problem in the past was making contact. Good pitches have been thrown his way, and he’s providing a huge boost to the bottom of the lineup. His batting average currently stands at .471 (team leader) , 3 HR (tied for team lead), 3 2B (tied for team lead), and 7 RBI (2nd behind Bruce). Oh, by the way, he missed the first two series due to injury. He has 17 At-Bats while the rest of the every day starters average around 43.
A big question many are asking is, why isn’t he batting cleanup with all this production? One answer to that might be that when he’s low in the lineup, he sees a lot better pitches that have given him the opportunity to put up the numbers he has. Will this madness continue?


Your opinion is very important to us! Leave us a comment in the section below.

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Biggest Surprise Players so far #2

Alfredo Simon

When Simon filled in as the replacement for Latos, many had their doubts as to whether or not he could take on the role. He has been nothing short of fantastic. In two starts, he has thrown 15 innings and has surrendered 2 runs total. However, poor offense has given him a loss to put his record at 1-1. With the announcement of further resting of Mat Latos, we will get the chance to see many more starts from Simon. The Reds are put in a great position to win every night he steps on the mound. Keep it up!


What are your thoughts on Alfredo Simon? Who should be the #1 Biggest Surprise? Leave us a comment in the section below.

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Pirates vs Reds Round One

The last time the Reds played the Pirates it was not good, the Pirates beat the Reds in the National Wild Card game thus knocking the Reds out of the playoffs. Going in to the series the Reds are 4-8 and the Pirates are 6-6. The Reds offense has to show up this series and finally back up the great pitching performances that they have had so far this year!

Key to the Series: Score more runs!

Key Players: Jay Bruce and Homer Bailey

Names to know from the Pirates: Gerrit Cole, SP Tuesday night.

Pedro Alvarez, power hitting 3B.


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Biggest Surprise Players So Far (1 of 3)

Chris Heisey

Heisey has not been able to see much playing time to start out. The Billy Hamilton Project is still underway and veteran, Ryan Ludwick hasn’t done much wrong to merit losing the starting left field job. Heisey has driven in 5 runs; 4 on today’s grand slam against the Rays, and the other on a walk-off single against the Cardinals to give the Reds their 1st win. One reason behind all this success could be credited to Heisey’s new and improved batting stance. In his old stance, we saw his hands very high, forcing a lot of movement to get his hands through the zone, which resulted in more swings and misses, and more upper-cut swings. Now, his hands are positioned nice and low, he has a much more level swing and is making great contact. Keep it up!


Who do you think should be the next biggest surprise? Leave us a comment below!

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